Serious Lack of…

Greetings, hosebrains!  Imagine, if you will, a following paragraph, filled with apologetic nonsense about being away, distracted, blah blah blah.  I’ll leave some room for it, but I refuse to write it. So here I sit in Brenner’s Brew, a delicious coffee shop in scenic Bridgeton, NJ.  I have already befriended the owner, Barbara, and […]

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New beginnin’

Well folks, the blog project is over and I’m sure that you’ve been able to tell that I’ve “stopped” blogging.  I assure you that this is merely temporary.  This semester, this final semester, has proved to be much more challenging that I expected. It’ll pass, probably. Since my project is done and school (for me) […]

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Alex Hrebin

1.  (1) : an individual human; especially : an adult male human
(2) : a man belonging to a particular category yet to be classically defined (as by birth, residence, membership, or occupation) usually used in combination <councilhrebin, stateshrebin, the late great alex hrebin>
(3) : student : undergraduate of Rowan University – of Writing Arts (formally), communication construction (informally), inane and obscene commentary (really informally)
(4) : lover
b : the alex hrebin race : ahrebkind
c : a bipedal primate mammal (Homo ahrebus that is anatomically related to the great apes but distinguished especially by notable development of awesomeness of the frontal lobe and conversational abilities, is usually considered to form a variable number of freely interbreeding races, and is the sole living representative of the ahreb family; broadly : any living or extinct alex hrebin
d (1) : one possessing in high degree the qualities considered distinctive of alex hrebinhood

2.  obsolete : the quality or state of being hrebiny : hrebinliness e : fellow, chap, chum, pal, buddy, brah used as mode of familiar address used interjectionally to express intensity of feeling <alex hrebin, what a game!><alex hrebin, it’s cold outside><alex hrebin! That fucking hurts!>